Advanced BioDerma Signs International Superstar
Brandon Howard As
Global Ambassador

February 3, 2023

Advanced BioDerma inks deal with Brandon Howard, the multi platinum producer, singer, and songwriter as its Global Ambassador. We are a US based, certified health and beauty product manufacturing company. This partnership makes Brandon Howard not only our international brand ambassador, but also an equity owner in this multimillion dollar enterprise. We strongly believe that this collaboration will help us bring “FOREVER YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL” lifestyle to more people and new marketplaces.

Advanced Bioderma welcomes Cherie Ivy as Brand Visionary Director.

September 15, 2021

Cherie will spearhead the company’s brand expansion by forming relationships and cultivating new business partnerships. She has worked on brand ideas, development, packaging, and financing for celebrities such as American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino, Willow Smith, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Advanced BioDerma welcomes Allen Ellison as Director of Business Development

May 28, 2021

The company is proud and excited to announce the appointment of Allen Ellison as Director of Business Development. Allen’s background in marketing, brand management and business development is invaluable to the company. The company is very optimistic on the future and growth of the company as Allen will be spearheading multiple new projects.

Advanced BioDerma welcomes Samantha Bethel-Ellison, MD as
Chief Medical Advisor

May 28, 2021

The company is excited to have Dr. Samantha Ellison join our team. The background and wealth of knowledge that she brings will be invaluable to the growth and development of Advanced BioDerma. She is uniquely suited to be the face and medical voice of the company. She will serve as Chief Medical Advisor and product ambassador for our branded product line.

Partnership with Inthanon and Launch of FYAB Japan Store

March 31, 2021

Advanced BioDerma is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Inthanon Japan. Inthanon Japan will manage all sales and marketing operations for Advanced Bioderma products in Japanese marketplace.

Advanced BioDerma Launches Dropshipping and Warehouse Program

January 18, 2021

To empower entreprenuers and start-ups to launch and sell their products in a quick, effective and economic manner, Advanced BioDerma launched the Dropshipping and Warehousing program. This allows sellers to achieve significant growth without worrying about expensive storage, labor and order fulfillment costs. 

Advanced BioDerma Received ISO 22716 Certification

January 4, 2021

Advanced BioDerma receives the ISO 22716 Certification for Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines for the cosmetic industry, demonstrating commitment to quality and safety.

Advanced BioDerma is featured in the Alibaba Expo

January 20, 2020

Advanced BioDerma is notably featured in the Alibaba “MADE IN USA” Expo to present their product services to a wide reach of audiences. The company team demonstrates their knowledge of the distinct services in front of the camera for a stimulating presentation. As the title states, the expo focused on companies that create and manufacture their products in USA, like Advanced BioDerma.

Advanced BioDerma is featured in “Simply the Best” Magazine

November 1, 2020

Advanced Bioderma was proudly featured in “Simply the Best” Magazine to showcase the brand as a whole along with FYAB’s effective skin and hair care products. The magazine highlights Advanced Bioderma’s scientific approach to beauty through highlighting several products from the FYAB line & their nourishing effects.

Advanced BioDerma Launches Private label and White label program

October 5, 2020

Advanced Bioderma has made it easier than ever to launch a product line through the creation of private label and white label programs. Consumers can choose from hundreds of stock formula options to launch their own products through our effective formulations and packaging options.

Advanced BioDerma Received Alcohol Permit

May 30, 2020

Advanced Bioderma has successfully received approval for alcohol permit for industrial use in manufacturing of specialty skin, hair and personal hygiene products.

Advanced BioDerma receives “FYAB” trademark approval from USPTO

May 18, 2020

The FYAB trademark approval was an exciting stepping stone to the launch of the FYAB brand product line. FYAB standing for “Forever Young and Beautiful” was titled based on the belief that consumers should live a forever young and beautiful lifestyle through better hair and skin. The line was centered on the idea of beauty without compromising the health & safety of the consumer. 

Advanced BioDerma Launches FYAB product line

September 23, 2019

FYAB product line is launched, focusing on quality hair and skin care products with nourishing ingredients and innovative formulations. FYAB Health’s Hair Vitality & Skin Vitality Line prioritizes the effectiveness of beauty products through the emphasis on science.

Advanced BioDerma completes construction of new R&D Facility

November 13, 2018

Advanced Bioderma is pleased to complete the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility devoted to innovation and creation of skin, hair and personal hygiene products.