Beach waves have easily maintained their status as the most popular hairstyle within the past couple of years. The effortless, textured look is desired by many but perfected by few. The following are some ways I manage to achieve the perfect beach wave style for the summer with minimal effort. 

  • Proper hair prep. The state of your hair before attempting the beach wave is vital in creating the effortless look. It is important that your hair is not freshly washed if you are using heat, as it will be hard to maintain the waves. Beach waves work better on hair that is not freshly cleaned because your hair will start with more texture and firmness. Is your hair too soft? Apply a mousse to the center of your hair and brush it through to add some body that will allow your hair to retain the style. 
  • The heat method. After prepping your hair, you are faced with how to create the wavy locks. One method you can use is a curling iron but make sure to avoid uniformity! If you want to rock care-free beach waves, it is important to curl your strands in different directions and random sections. Uniformed curling will just leave you with perfect ringlet curls. When curling the hair, hold the hair on the iron for only 3-5 seconds to ensure a looser-looking curl. After all the strands have been curled in random directions and sections, leave them to set for a couple minutes then brush them out. Brushing them out will give you a more effortless look. Don’t have a curling iron? Create beach waves by manipulating your hair straightener, resulting in ‘S’ shaped waves. Section your strands into one-inch sections and create an ‘S’ shaped while tapping your straightener over it. Continue alternating this process until you reach the ends of your hair, leaving the ends straight for a natural look. 
  • The heatless method. My favorite way to create wavy hair is by “sleeping on it”. I try to avoid heat at all costs, as it can be very damaging. For anyone wanting to try beach waves in a healthier way, the process is simple. Section freshly washed hair into four tight space buns at the top of your head, using only hair ties or scrunchies to avoid kinks. Unroll them the next day for curlier-looking waves. If you are seeking more waves and volume, try sleeping in two braids- this is my favorite method because it is so comfortable to sleep in while also resulting in beautiful waves the next day. 
  • Soften the ends. Leaving the ends of your hair straight creates a more natural, care-free appearance. Brushing out your waves and leaving straighter ends also makes for a longer-lasting style. Try adding some moisture back into your ends to soften them up with a nourishing serum like the FYAB Hair Vitality Serum to target dry hair with a strong formulation for thicker, stronger strands. Run the serum across your ends, or your whole head for shinier beach waves!
  • Lock them in with texture. The right incorporation of products can make or break the longevity of your beach waves. Applying a texture spray or dry shampoo lightly across your hair from root to ends, adds necessary body to the style. A texture spray or dry shampoo can also help lock-in the waves for a longer period of time. You can also add a sea salt spray to create more of a textured, beachy style. Sea salt spray can do a good job in applying texture but may often leave your hair feeling dry. It is important to combine nourishing hair oils with the sea salt spray to bring back the shine and vibrancy.


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