Many of us want longer hair but just can’t seem to get past that certain “cut-off” length. I have personally gone through the constant process of wanting long, healthy hair and failing miserably due to constant shedding and no progress more than an inch. This can be discouraging and can even make you give up on your long-hair goals…but there is still hope! As of right now, my locks are finally the longest they have ever been in my life, here is how it did it.

  1. Diet. I used to go about my day-to-day consuming minimal protein while focusing mainly on carbs until I realized the health benefits of a higher protein diet. Not only did consuming more protein help me feel great, it helped my hair grow! That saying, “you need to feed your hair from the inside” is more accurate than ever. If you do not eat meat you can still follow a high protein diet through the consumption of beans, nuts, and fish. Scientific studies have linked higher rates of hair shedding in people who consume less protein. More protein means more zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids contributing to your hair health.
  2. Steer clear of heat styling tools. This one is pretty obvious but applying heat to your hair can lead to breakage, damage, and frizz. Instead, invest in hair products that will help you embrace your natural locks. As a curly-haired girl myself, I like to focus on a good leave-in-conditioner and styling cream. If you do apply heat to your hair, be sure to lower the tool’s temperature and follow it up with applying a nourishing serum. FYAB’s Hair Vitality Topical Serum is a great product to distribute active peptides and amino acids to your hair, strengthening and thickening hair from the root.
  3. End your shower with cool water. If you’re like me, you probably love cranking up the heat in the shower. However, studies show that extremely hot showers can be damaging to both your skin and hair. Rinsing off your hair with cool water for a couple of minutes at the end of your shower can seal the cuticle and lead to stronger hair.
  4. Whatever you do, DO NOT GO BLONDE! Going blonde can seem tempting for any other fellow brunette but I have learned from experience just how damaging it can be. Bleaching your hair causes severe damage to the cuticle, making it weak and brittle. Going blonde can severely stunt the growth of your hair and it wasn’t until I stopped highlighting my hair that I achieved my longest locks. If you have been bleaching your hair and experience significant damage, try finding a shampoo and conditioner that is rich in ingredients, to feed your hair. FYAB’s Hair Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner incorporates 24 key ingredients like caffeine and swiss apple stem cells, to fortify your scalp and roots and target thinning hair.


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