Because we spent a lot of time out of the salons, this quarantine year of 2020 saw a lot of low maintenance, messy and textured hair trends due to their simplicity. As 2021 is shockingly right around the corner, the new hair trends that will be accompanying the new year have already begun to surface. The low maintenance hair styles of 2020 will be spruced up and taken up a notch as we ring in the new year with new cuts and colors. The following are 15 hair color and style trends you will be seeing a lot of into the new year.

1. Wispy Bangs. If you are scared to make the plunge into bangs, wispy bangs are the more delicate way to go. These soft bangs tend to be a little longer and softer while also lightly feathered on the end. These bangs are the perfect way to spruce up fine, thin hair and give you a more mature and sexy look.

wispy bangs

2. Silver Purple Hair Color. Two tone hair colors have become a new simple way to be creative with hair color. 2021 will be seeing a lot of two tone colors, especially patels like silver-purple. This is a great way to add a unique take on regular blonde strands. You can also find a way to achieve this color temporarily if you are only trying to have fun with your color for a short amount of time! 

silver purple hair

3. Effortless Bob. This hair cut trend has been popular for quite a few years now and it looks like it will continue to be popular for a while. The recent resurgence of the 90s has brought bob haircuts back and thriving. 2021 will be seeing textured and “messy” bob styles, especially bob cuts that fall a little longer than the chin. This cut is the perfect low maintanence style that still keeps you looking fashionable and on-trend. 

effortless bob

4. Modern Mullets. Yes you read that right, mullets are yet another 80s/90s hair trend to resurface into the new year. We have noticed a lot of celebrities both male and female, bringing the mullet back into style. This rocker hair trend has resurfaced in a cool and updated sort of way. A shaggy mullet is certain to turn heads and ensure that you do not look just like everyone else!

female mullets

5. Dramatic Face Frames. We saw this trend emerge throughout 2020 quarantine and the popularization of tik tok. Dramatic face frames are a fun way to play with color in a contrasting way. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and social media stars alike have made this a trendy style from thick bleached face frames to colorful pastels. This style is here to stay into the new year. 

dramatic face frame

6. Chunky Highlights. For so many years, we have focused on making highlights look completely natural and blended. As the trends start to shift towards the 90s, chunky highlights have come back into style. These highlights tend to start at the top of your head and are focused mainly on the outer layers. They bring a great deal of contrast to your style while also giving you those Christina Aguilera 90s vibes.

chunky highlights

7. Highlighted Natural Curls. 2020 and 2021 is all about natural, effortless styles. The new trendy hair color for naturally curly hair has recently been a lot of small highlights! Small, sporatic highlights throughout your curls is the perfect way to show off the texture and bounce while also adding more dimension and vibrancy. Focusing the highlights more on the ends of the curls will work best to create this dimension.

highlighted curly hair

8. Rounded Bob. Similar to an effortless bob, this cut is a little bit longer than your chin but curves in more at the ends. It’s the perfect hair cut if you dislike your forehead and it works to flatter most face shapes. This cut is often styled straight and sometimes spruced up with a wispy or curtain bang.

rounded bob

9. Cinnamon Brown. This hair color is here to stay. It is the perfect way to freshen up a basic brown color and make it more rich and deep. The cinnamon toned highlights really warm up your hair and give a two toned dimension with more vibrancy and easy upkeep. It is also the best way to experiment with red hues without going full Jessica Rabbit.

cinnamon brown

10. Curtain Bangs. Another style bang has recently become a popular trend in the hair world…curtain bangs! Like wispy bangs, they tend to be thinner but they work more to frame the face and tend to be longer than wispy bangs. They are almost like the 2020 version of side bangs. Although they are just on the sides, they work to draw attention away from your forehead. 

curtain bangs

11. Bronde. Many people have been straying away from the bright bleach blonde and going more towards a “bronde” otherwise known as a brown-blonde. Similar to balayage, this color trend adds bronzy-gold highlights to brown hair. It’s the perfect hair color if you are trying to go lighter without the constant up keep of bleaching your dark roots.

bronde hair

12. Glossy color. Have you noticed that recently celebs have had vibrant, shiny hair? This effect is often done by adding a gloss onto your hair color and it seems that this method will be a huge trend in 2021. Adding a gloss onto your color is an easy way to tone and refresh an otherwise dull hue. It will give your strands that “glass-like” effect with intense vibrancy.

glossy hair

13. Short Shag. A shag is the perfect short hair cut for those with natural curls. It perfectly flatters the body of their hair while also bringing a cool and unique take on a classic long shag. This cut is often accompanied by short bangs and works perfectly for a lot of curls. This cut is the definition of late 80s, early 90s vibes!

shag hair cut

14. Choppy Layers. While the past couple years have seen a lot of one-length hair cuts, it appears that layers are coming back into trend with the new year. Layers are a grat way to create a fluffy, wispy look on long hair that would look weighed down with a one-length cut. Choppy layers are spicing up plain long hair and bringing the length back into style.

choppy layers

15. Trim Pixie. For the brave souls, this dramatic hair cut frames your face to perfectly show off your features. It is extremely low maintanence while also being cool and chic. It is the ultimate statement cut and will be around for 2021. 

pixie cut


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