We often associate breakouts with the chin, forehead and cheek areas but what about the hairline? Hairline acne and breakouts are more common than you think and they can prove difficult to eliminate. Hairline acne often has several causes and it is important to understand these causes to implement the proper prevention tactics.

Top Causes and Preventions of Hairline Acne

    • Hair products. The most common cause of hairline acne tends to be determent on the hair products you use. Heavy hair products can often end-up on your hair line and result in clogged pores. Whether you apply a hair mask or a leave-in conditioner, chances are that product will also go onto your hairline so it is important to take preventative measures. 
      • How to Prevent This: Sulfates tend to be a drying ingredient when used in hair products and it can be one of the worst ingredients when it comes to clogging your pores. Try using hair products with no sulfates or parabens like FYAB Health’s Hair Vitality line, to ensure you don’t get a build-up of sulfates on your hairline. To further prevent this issue, you can try using a wet towel to clean around your hairline after using any hair products to ensure the residue is removed from your forehead area.
    • Hygiene. Hairline acne may also be a result of not washing your hair or scalp very often. Oils and dead skin build up the most in areas with hair, so your hairline can easily hold excess oil and dirt if you do not wash your hair as often. 
      • How to Prevent This: The hairline isn’t often focused on when you wash your face, so washing your hair with a good shampoo can ensure you are keeping it clean. FYAB Health’s Hair Vitality Shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and its nourishing ingredients allows you to wash your hair more often without worrying about stripping its natural oils or damaging your strands too much. If you are someone who likes to wash their hair less often, you can try incorporating products that absorb your scalp oils like dry shampoo, so the excess oils don’t make their way to your hairline. 
    • Hair accessories. When we style our hair with headbands, hats or scarves we aren’t always thinking about the last time we washed the items. When you wear a hair accessory, it often leads to excess sweating and oil production which essentially leads to breakouts. Pulling your hair back in a very tight ponytail can also cause clogged pores by increased friction on the scalp and hairline.
      • How to Prevent This: It’s simple, all you have to do is be sure you are constantly washing your hair accessories with gentle products like laundry soap, facial cleansers or unscented soap. This will ensure you aren’t putting an item riddled with dirt and oil on your scalp. Keeping the hair around your face more loose will also help your scalp breathe. Try a loose and low pony or some hair clips to keep your hair free from friction. 


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