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Effortless, beachy waves have stayed at the top of the trends for the past couple of years now but getting the perfect waves that last can be a difficult process. That laid back “just got back from the beach” look takes slightly more work than it seems when it comes to using a curling wand. There are several steps in preparation and end to ensure long-lasting beach waves. Although I am no expert, these are strategies I have learned through research among beauty blogs, videos and experts and they have proven effective for my hair.

Step 1: Hairspray or Texture Spray

I know it sounds strange that hairspray is the starting step rather than the ending but it is an important tip to keep your waves in for longer. You may notice that when your hair is too soft and freshly washed, the curls don’t stay on your hair, this is where hairspray or texture spray come into play. Applying hairspray or texture spray works as a primer on your hair to allow it to grip onto the curler more effectively and actually hold the curl. Reach for a lighter product so that you are just gently misting your hair rather than creating a big sticky mess. 

Step Two: Start Curling in Small Sections

The best way to avoid uniformed, prom curls is to take smaller sections of your hair when you are curling. Although it may take more time, smaller sections and a smaller wand will give you that desired “effortless” look. The best curling method to take for the more “natural” curls look would be curling away from the face when it comes to the hair that is framing your face. Avoiding clamp marks is also essential so try using a curler that doesn’t have a clamp and allows you to just wrap the hair around it till it naturally curls. 

Step Three: More Hairspray

This hairspray step will ensure your waves stay in place for longer. Apply the hairspray to your curls as you are waiting for them to cool. Gently mist the hairspray onto your hair as you immediately remove them from the curling iron to maintain the curls integrity. Do NOT brush them out or pull them down just yet because as they cool, they will drop. 

Step Four: Brush the Curls

Since we are going for that naturally wavy look, we want to avoid tight, uniformed curls. Once your hair is completely cooled, the curls have dropped a bit and you have applied hairspray, brush through your hair to create the beach wave effect. A paddle brush works best for this step as it will separate all your strands and help create a more put together look.

Step Five: Finish Off with Hair Oil

After brushing your hair, it may appear more frizzy than normal, this can easily be fixed by a good hair oil to smooth out the texture. Your hair has also just been through a lot of heat styling so nourishing and deeply hydrating hair oil is important in maintaining healthy hair. FYAB Health’s Hair Vitality Oils are formulated with Jojoba Seed, Argan and Moringa Oil to deeply moisturize your strands while combating frizz and adding shine. It is the perfect addition to your wavy look and will give your waves more smoothness so that they may look good for longer.


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