Breakouts. We all have them and we all hate them. Breakouts and acne can leave us feeling insecure, as we hide behind our hair till they clear. Many of us struggle with constant breakouts and have tried countless products that claim to “eliminate acne”, but end up being left with dry, flaky skin and a repetitive breakout cycle. Although I am not a dermatologist, the following are five tips that helped me clear up my breakouts and experience healthier, more vibrant skin.

1. Steer clear of your trigger foods. A lot of us have those certain foods that can cause our skin to react badly and breakout. Monitoring your diet and what is causing your skin to respond in breakouts can be a crucial part in clearing your skin. For many, sugar intake can be the culprit, whereas for me it’s dairy. Acknowledging your trigger food is only the first step, the more difficult part tends to be avoiding these foods. Seeking alternatives of the certain food, such as dairy-free milk when avoiding dairy, can prove to be easier than avoidance all together. Whether you chose to adjust your diet or not, it is important to realize how your skin reacts to certain foods you put into your body…it is trying to tell you something after all!

2. Do NOT over-exfoliate. Although scrubbing your face with grainy cleansers can seem effective, over-exfoliating can be harsh and lead to excessive drying and skin irritation. I fell victim to excessive exfoliating in the past, thinking it was going to remove my acne and do the trick. It wasn’t until I incorporated a more-gentle cleanser that I started to see a difference. My skin began to look smoother and more vibrant with less irritation. Experts say skin exfoliating should only be done 2-3 times a week at a maximum to reduce scaring and maintain healthy skin cells.

3. Moisturize. The biggest myth in skincare is that moisturizing makes your acne worse. The reason this is far from true is because your skin needs moisturizer to prevent overproducing its own oil, caused by dry skin. The perfect moisturizer or serum is often lightweight and gentle, it is important to find a product that won’t clog your pores. Try to incorporate some natural serums into your skincare routine. The FYAB Skin Vitality Blemish Control Serum is a great gentle product to apply after cleansing in order to hydrate your skin and reduce oily breakouts. Applying moisturizer after washing your face and before bed will slowly re-balance your oil glands and help improve acne through hydration.

4. Use sunscreen that won’t clog your pores. Sunscreen is an extremely important step in any skincare routine and is vital in protecting your skin from sun damage or breakouts caused from the sun. However, some facial sunscreen products tend to clog your pores and leave you with even more breakouts. Experts recommend oil-free, non-comedogenic formulas that are specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. Facial sunscreen products like Elta MD, can give you the protection you need without clogging pores. Experiencing sun damage and an uneven complexion after a day in at the beach? Try the FYAB Skin Vitality Brightening Serum to hydrate your skin while reducing texture and dark spots to even-out your complexion.

5. Drink a lot of water. The simple tip that has helped rid me of breakouts has been drinking a ton of water. Although drinking more water will not just instantly clear your breakouts, it will contribute to your skins hydration and overall health that can lead to less acne production. Along with drinking a lot of water comes avoiding sugary drinks like sodas and juice, that can easily contribute to a great deal of breakouts. It can be hard to stay on track with the recommended “eight glasses of water a day” but purchasing a large water bottle and making it a goal to finish it by the end of the day can do just the trick. I know that I have noticed an immense difference in my skins natural glow and texture just from drinking more water.


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