If you tend to have thinner hair, you have probably noticed that it can often become flat and lifeless. You may also find that your once thick and luscious hair has begun to excessively shed and thin, losing that fullness it once possessed. The lack of volume and bounce can leave your hair feeling boring and outdated. But, don’t despair! There are several ways you can help increase the appearance of your hair’s fullness and volume.

  1. Shampoo Correctly. Incorrectly washing fine hair can lead to just flattening your volume even more. The best tip to getting more voluminous hair would be to limit your hair washing to once or twice a week. When you wash your hair it becomes very soft, making it more difficult to create the effect of volume, hence why hair that is a couple days old is easier to style. However, fine, flat hair tends to get greasier at the root so if you do find yourself needing to wash it more, avoid the ends. Focus the shampoo on your scalp and roots to refresh those greasy roots without excessively drying out the ends. When washing your hair, the type of shampoo you use is also an important determinant for volume. Avoid overly thick formulas that weigh down your hair and go for a product that is perfectly formulated to add volume and body. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner reveal fuller, longer, more voluminous strands while delivering nourishing ingredients like caffeine and saw palmetto to promote a healthy scalp and roots.
  1. Get a Hair Cut. When hair is longer, it gets weighed down and often appears flatter. Cutting your hair shorter may be a simple way to add some more body and shape. A long bob up to your collarbone may work well to add volume back into your otherwise thin, flat hair. Or why not try shorter and experiment with a bob or pixie cut for some shape? Cutting layers may also help add body to fine hair but experts state that a one-length cut works best to increase the appearance of full, voluminous hair. You may notice that getting too many layers in your hair tends to give off a stringy look. A one-length cut helps the hair all fall together for a fuller appearance.
  1. Finesse the Blow Dryer. Your hair may often appear more full and voluminous right after a good blow out at the salon, that’s because blow drying your hair is one easy hack to adding more body. A great and easy method to adding volume with a blow dryer includes flipping your hair and blow drying it upside down. When you first start blow drying, focus on getting your overall hair a little drier to about 80 percent dry. Focus on lifting and finessing the roots while you are doing this step. Once you have reached semi-dry hair, flip it over and get a round brush. Blow drying your hair while its upside down ensures the roots are more lifted off of your scalp for that more voluminous appearance.
  1. Use Some Dry Shampoo. As previously mentioned, freshly washed hair often tends to look too smooth and weighed down. If you are trying to add more body on a hair washing day, dry shampoo may be the answer you’re looking for. Spray some dry shampoo onto your roots and work it in while lifting the roots. Dry shampoo is also a great product for greasy, unwashed hair as it works to absorb excess oils and provide a matte, voluminous finish. This results in fuller-looking hair because when your scalp starts to produce oils, they begin to work their way down your hair shaft, essentially weighing down your head of hair. A quick application of dry shampoo refreshes and cleanses your hair in no time.


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