Achieving full, thick facial hair can be a difficult task for many men. Many tend to give up when they notice their facial hair appearing patchy and straggly but experts say that in order to achieve your best facial hair, you must stick it out to at least the four-week mark. Past the four-week mark is when your facial hair tends to connect and pill in the missing patches, trimming before this can stunt the potential fullness of your beard or mustache. Along with waiting the four-week period, there are several steps experts suggest you take that can increase your facial hair’s fullness.

  1. Up Your Skin Care Routine. Many men tend to do the bare minimum when it comes to skin care, but incorporating an effective exfoliant can actually help promote fuller, thicker facial hair. When you skip an exfoliant, dirt, oil and dead skin cells tend to build up and clog your pores. In turn, this may lead to ingrown hairs that stunt the growth of your facial hair. After exfoliating, applying a nourishing moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated will also encourage a fuller beard by promoting skin health and avoiding dry and flakey skin patches. Fyab’s Skin Vitality Renewal Serum is the perfect product to gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate with just one product. So now, it’s pretty obvious to say that healthy skin produces better facial hair.
  1. Shampoo and Condition Your Beard. It may seem silly to say that your facial hair needs a good shampoo and condition every now and then, but it actually can help improve the appearance of your beard. Shampooing your beard is necessary to remove any excess oil or dirt that has been built up and left in there. Once you deeply cleanse your beard, following up with a nourishing conditioner will result in smoother, softer facial hair. Try leaving the conditioner in your beard for a couple of minutes so that it can really soak in the moisture. Apply conditioner will also strengthen your facial hair in the long run, resulting in a fuller appearance after consistent washing.
  1. Exercise. This tip may seem silly however, exercising does truly help EVERYTHING. Working out regularly not only improves your physique but it also helps your hair production. Increasing your cardio and adding simple workouts like runs, cycling and jump roping can lead to a larger production of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone in men essentially leads to an improvement in hair follicles to promote more thicker, longer beard hair. Getting your daily exercise can also help increase DHT, which works to promote fuller hair.
  1. Implement a Vitamin-Rich Diet. You are what you eat. Consuming more protein-packed, vitamin-rich foods will essentially help improve your hair fullness. It is important to incorporate plenty of green veggies into your diet like kale, spinach and other leafy greens to improve your skin and hair health. Protein-packed foods are also important in revealing a healthier, stronger beard. Increasing your protein intake can lead to larger testosterone production, which we previously mentioned works to improve facial hair thickness. Some simple proteins you can try incorporating in your diet include nuts, fish, eggs and beans.
  1. Use a Beard Oil Daily. You’ve probably heard of hair oil improving the strength and shine of your strands, but how about beard oil? Beard oil is an important product to ensure you are maintaining a healthy, full beard. Beard oil works to soothe itchy or irritated facial hair while also deeply nourishing and hydrating. It also works to protect your beard from environmental stressors that can cause damage, like harsh weather conditions or chemicals. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Beard Oil incorporates 3 nourishing oils; Moringa, Jojoba Seed and Argan oil to deeply hydrate and strengthen facial hair while also revealing a shinier, more manageable beard.


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