You’ve heard about the skin benefits that vitamin C provides but did you know this wonder ingredient can also help your hair health?
It’s no surprise that a good hair day only comes if you maintain a proper and effective hair care routine. But wait, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The following are five simple tips to incorporate into your daily hair care routine to see a visible improvement in your scalp and hair health.
The quarantined year of 2020 brought a lot of home beauty treatments and regimens to life. As 2021 is right around the bend, this is 4 new beauty trends that have already started surfacing and are expected to stay for the new year.
As 2021 is shockingly right around the corner, the new hair trends that will be accompanying the new year have already begun to surface. The low maintenance hair styles of 2020 will be spruced up and taken up a notch as we ring in the new year with new cuts and colors. The following are 15 hair color and style trends you will be seeing a lot of into the new year.
Vitamin C skin care products have recently been popular in the skin care world, but is all the hype worth it? In short, yes. The following includes 5 ways vitamin C can transform your skin.
Environmental stressors like the sun, humidity, air pollution and even the cold can all influence our skin’s texture. We all want smooth, clear, soft skin but how do we achieve these skin goals when texture keeps getting in the way?