Time in the sun can have its long-term effects on your skin causing the appearance of dark spots and imperfections. They may be stubborn to deal with and older individuals may find that sunspots impact their skin even more. Read all about how to combat sun spots.
The quarantined year of 2020 brought a lot of home beauty treatments and regimens to life. As 2021 is right around the bend, this is 4 new beauty trends that have already started surfacing and are expected to stay for the new year.
Vitamin C skin care products have recently been popular in the skin care world, but is all the hype worth it? In short, yes. The following includes 5 ways vitamin C can transform your skin.
Environmental stressors like the sun, humidity, air pollution and even the cold can all influence our skin’s texture. We all want smooth, clear, soft skin but how do we achieve these skin goals when texture keeps getting in the way?
Unlike AHAs, BHAs are oil soluble meaning they work to penetrate deeper and exfoliate extra oil build-up in your pores. Because of this effect, BHAs are great at combating whiteheads and blackheads. The following include some of the benefits of BHAs on your skin.
In this post, we will be diving into Alpha-hydroxy acids and determining who would benefit most from its use. So, what are Alpha-hydroxy acids? AHA’s are plant and animal-derived acids that are formulated in a great deal of skin care products.
Knowing the difference between AHAs and BHAs can be a necessary step in creating the perfect routine for your skin type. However, a new breed of acid has recently entered the skin care arena, this new acid is PHA or polyhydroxy acids.
If you have a developed skin care routine or just venture out to try new products, you have used something on your skin that contains a hydroxy acid. Hydroxy acids provide versatile skin benefits like brightening, smoothing, firming and clearing skin, but how do they work?
Niacinamide is certainly one skin care ingredient that should be on your radar due to its versatility. This wonder ingredient can be found in many skin care products like serums and moisturizers, but what actually is niacinamide?