Unlike AHAs, BHAs are oil soluble meaning they work to penetrate deeper and exfoliate extra oil build-up in your pores. Because of this effect, BHAs are great at combating whiteheads and blackheads. The following include some of the benefits of BHAs on your skin.
In this post, we will be diving into Alpha-hydroxy acids and determining who would benefit most from its use. So, what are Alpha-hydroxy acids? AHA’s are plant and animal-derived acids that are formulated in a great deal of skin care products.
Knowing the difference between AHAs and BHAs can be a necessary step in creating the perfect routine for your skin type. However, a new breed of acid has recently entered the skin care arena, this new acid is PHA or polyhydroxy acids.
If you have a developed skin care routine or just venture out to try new products, you have used something on your skin that contains a hydroxy acid. Hydroxy acids provide versatile skin benefits like brightening, smoothing, firming and clearing skin, but how do they work?
Did you know your hair craves protein? Most people think they can achieve shiny, soft, healthier hair by just conditioning but in most cases, your hair needs a protein rich product. This is when hydrolyzed keratin comes into play.
Achieving full, thick facial hair can be a difficult task for many men. Many tend to give up when they notice their facial hair appearing patchy and straggly but experts say that in order to achieve your best facial hair, you must stick it out to at least the four-week mark.