A hot, humid day can quickly turn anyone’s hair style from straight and shiny to puffy and dry in the matter of minutes. The following are 5 tips you can follow to help improve your hair’s overall smoothness.
Breakouts. We all have them and we all hate them. Breakouts and acne can leave us feeling insecure, as we hide behind our hair till they clear. Although I am not a dermatologist, the following are five tips that helped me clear up my breakouts and experience healthier, more vibrant skin.
Sure, the colorful quarantine hair trends are cute, but bleaching at home can leave you with extremely dry, brittle hair. Continue reading to find out several tips on how to repair your color-damaged hair.
It can be difficult to manage dry skin but knowing some simple steps to incorporate into your skincare routine can be a detrimental step to radiance.
Caffeine promotes hair health in various ways, from limiting damage to delivering key nutrients and vitamins for longer, stronger hair.