When hair types are discussed, wavy hair is often overshadowed and we tend to primarily become aware of how to care for curly and straight hair. As a wavy haired individual myself, this can be extremely frustrating because we don’t fall in the curls or straight hair category. We need our own personally catered hair care routine that helps us achieve the best waves possible. Waves are the most underrated hair type, they can be very versatile, going from beachy and carefree to sleek and classy. The following are 5 tips to help you maintain beautifully effortless waves.

  1. Avoid shampoos made for straight hair. While reaching for the keratin boosted shampoo that promotes straight hair may be tempting, this will only weigh down your waves and give them a more muted style. Aim for a shampoo that promotes voluminous hair and locks in texture. Another factor when finding the right shampoo is evaluating what it contains. Wavy hair tends to be more prone to frizz, so avoid shampoos that contain harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens as they will only dry your hair out even more and encourage frizz. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Shampoo is a great alternative, perfectly formulated with 24 nourishing ingredients like caffeine and saw palmetto, to promote fuller, more voluminous hair while also free from sulfates and parabens.
  2. Let your hair dry naturally and sleep in a bun. As the previous tip mentioned, wavy hair is more prone to frizz, so it is important to avoid hairdryers. A hairdryer will leave your naturally wavy hair looking like a puffy mess. Wavy hair is slightly drier than straight so it is also more prone to heat damage. Instead, try air drying your hair or putting it up in a gentle towel to dry without applying heat. If you absolutely must use a hairdryer, apply a heat protectant to seal your hair and dry it on a low setting. After drying, try putting your hair in a bun. I like to do low buns because they really help you maintain the natural waves. If you want your waves to be even more defined, you can apply a mousse or styling cream, prior to putting your hair in a bun.
  3. Avoid combs. Combing your wavy hair is the most common mistake people tend to make. If you have wavy hair, it is often uniformed and somewhat formed in a certain way. Combing through it will only ruin this wavy uniformity and cause puffiness and frizz. A comb can also increase hair breakage if done the wrong way. If you really want to use a comb, start from the roots and work your way down to avoid excess shedding and breakage. To better maintain the shape of your waves, try using your fingers to detangle your strands.
  4. Incorporate a texture spray or styling cream. In order to lock in a uniformed set of waves, texture sprays and styling creams are your best friends. Styling creams can be applied to wet hair after a shower. Try finding one with a lightweight formula that won’t leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy. Scrunch the styling cream into your waves from the ends of your hair working up to the roots. If your freshly washed hair is flat and you want to go for a beach wave look, try a sea salt texture spray. Apply this to your roots and work your way down. This will give your hair more volume and the salt in the spray will cause your hair cuticle to swell for more loose-looking waves.
  5. Top your waves with a hair oil. Hair oil is a great way to add shine and moisture into your hair. When looking for a hair oil for wavy hair, try finding one that isn’t too heavy so that you maintain your volume and shape. Apply a small amount throughout your entire head of hair and combat frizz and poof. A formula consisting of Argan oil is often a very nourishing option. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Hair Oils contain Jojoba Seed, Argan and Moringa oil to strengthen your strands and leave them vibrant and smooth. Topping off your styling routine with a hair oil will also ensure that the shape of your waves will last longer throughout the day and be protected from humidity.


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