Dry, dull hair is often a result of excessive heat, chemical or environmental stressor damage. There are several measures you can take to bring your hair back to its healthy, vibrant ways.
If you have a skin care routine, then chances are you cannot stop hearing about glycolic acid. This plant-derived wonder ingredient presents a plethora of benefits for your skin! The following are several benefits glycolic acid can have on your skin.
When it comes to maintaining curly hair, there tends to be a lot of misconceptions. Although the same strategies may not work for everyone, the following are 5 hair care tips to maintaining gorgeous, luscious curls.
When hair types are discussed, wavy hair is often overshadowed and we tend to primarily become aware of how to care for curly and straight hair. The following are 5 tips to help you maintain beautifully effortless waves.
If you have straight hair, you may find that it is often flat, dull, greasy and fine. In order to balance out the excess oil production and bring shine and volume back into your straight hair, there are some easy tips you can incorporate into your daily hair care routine!
Whether you’re consuming excessive amounts of salt or forgetting your sunscreen you are contributing to your under-eye bags and circles. There are several measures you can take to help combat under-eye bags and dark circles.
Argan oil is extracted from the kernels that grow on argan trees, native to Morocco. It is also extremely rich in Vitamin E, containing powerful antioxidants that work to promote skin and hair health. Now that you know what, it’s time to look at how argan oil benefits hair.
White, annoying bumps on your face are known as whiteheads. If whiteheads keep popping up no matter what you do, these five tips can help you experience smoother skin once and for all.
Excessive shedding can be a result of various causes from stress to hair care. Although your hair shedding may be a deeper-rooted issue, there are several steps you can take to lessen the amount of hair you shed on average.