Unless you don’t keep track of beauty products and tips, you have probably heard a lot about Argan Oil but what actually is it? Argan oil is extracted from the kernels that grow on argan trees, native to Morocco. The oil is mostly made up of healthy fatty acids that may also be found in olive oil. It is also extremely rich in Vitamin E, containing powerful antioxidants that work to promote skin and hair health. Now that you know what, it’s time to look at how argan oil benefits hair.

Deeply hydrates the scalp. Scalp health is very important as a healthy scalp means a healthier head of hair! Applying argan oil to your scalp as well can help soothe dry, itchy scalps by deeply moisturizing. The oil often works as an anti-inflammatory for the skin, making it extremely effective on an irritated scalp. This also helps combat issues that may be caused by dry scalps such as dandruff by applying the vitamin E nourishment your scalp needs. But don’t worry, argan oil maintains moisture while also not trigger excess oil production that can leave your scalp looking shiny and dirty.

Strengthens color and styling damaged hair. While dying your hair can be a fun change, it can be extremely damaging to your strands causing excess breakage and shedding. Color-damaged, processed hair is often left feeling dry and brittle with little to no shine. Argan oil can help with that. Argan oil contains linoleic acid that works to help strengthen your hair and combat split-edns. Using argan oil before or after a hair dye session can also help maintain your hairs natural, healthy proteins that often get lost in the coloring process. Argan oil can also help protect hair from heat damage caused by styling tools like curlers or straighteners. The linoleic acid combined with palmitic and oleic acid, form a protective layer on the hair, preventing excess heat damage.

Eliminates frizzy hair. Frizzy hair can instantly turn a good hair day into a bad one in the matter of seconds, but did you know frizzy hair is often caused by dry strands that are desperate for moisture? This is when argan oil comes into play. Using argan oil can help deeply moisturize your hair strands and smooth out any frizz that may be caused. The fatty acids that make up argan oil often work as a fatty layer for your hair and scalp to lubricate the hair shaft and help your hair maintain the moisture. This essentially reveals shiny, smooth hair…bye bye frizz.

Combats hair thinning and breakage. Although there has not been a lot of proven research linking hair growth to argan oil, there are several factors that may show argan oil can help ease the hair thinning process. A 2010 research study on supplements for hair growth found a link between Vitamin E-found in argan oil- and hair growth, meaning argan oil could help improve hair shedding and thinning. Along with hair shedding comes hair breakage. Argan oil also works to strengthen the hair cuticle and protect the strands from environmental stressors that may otherwise result in split-ends and hair breakage. In apply argan oil, your hair may demonstrate less split-ends and breakage revealing fuller, longer hair.

How can you experience the benefits of argan oil?

The best way to experience the benefits of argan oil and see shinier, stronger, smoother hair, is by using it as a leave-in. It is recommended to leave the argan oil in your hair in order to deeply moisturize and nourish the strands properly. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Hair Oil’s are enriched with argan oil to apply directly onto your hair and start seeing results.


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