White, annoying bumps on your face are known as whiteheads. Big or small, no one wants excessive bumps getting in the way of a smooth, glowing complexion. Whiteheads, you have probably had them but do you know what actually causes them to appear on the skin? When your pores get clogged with bacteria, oil and dead skin, a whitehead is often formed. They are often closed at the skin’s surface, making them difficult to pop and get rid of.  If whiteheads keep popping up no matter what you do, these five tips can help you experience smoother skin once and for all.

  1. Add Witch Hazel to Your Routine. In the past, I was so clueless to what a good skin care routine looked like, I often just found myself washing my face and moisturizing. Little did I know that incorporating a toner was transformative. After adding witch hazel to my daily skin care routine, I began to see less bumpy skin in the matter of just a couple of days. Just apply some witch hazel to a clean cotton ball and work it onto your face following a gentle cleanse. Witch hazel is often considered one of the more natural products that work to attack acne and bumps. It contains anti-inflammatory benefits that also work to help shrink pores, soothe irritation and relieve inflammation. All of these benefits make for a smoother, more vibrant complexion!
  2. Wash Your Hair More. I know. It sounds strange that I am saying to wash your hair more in order to prevent whiteheads, but there is a logical explanation. Oily hair can result in oily skin leading to whiteheads. I have personally experienced confusion when I noticed an increase in whiteheads near my hair line. Turns out, washing your hair more regularly can prevent oil buildup that eventually makes it way down onto your face. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect gentle formulation to use on a frequent basis without causing damage to your strands. It is also important to keep the products that you apply onto your hair, off of your face as these could also cause breakouts.
  3. Try Facial Steam. Because whiteheads are often trapped at the skin’s surface, applying some steam near your face can help! Steam works to open up your clogged pores and essentially rid them of the dirt and oil trapped inside. A simple way to apply facial steam can be taking a hot shower. You may notice that your bathroom fogs up during a shower, this can result in your skin’s exposure to steam. If you want to be more direct in the steam application, you can boil some water and hold said water under your face to directly breathe in the steam. Try applying your moisturizers and serums after a steam session so your opened pores can effectively soak up the product. The plus side of this tip is that it also helps clear up your sinuses!
  4. Eat Good Foods! As you probably already know, beauty starts from within and what we feed our bodies is often reflected on the outside as well. A diet high in dairy can have pro-inflammatory effects and increase your whiteheads or acne. Foods high in sugar should also be avoided as it breaks down collagen in your skin and exaserbates skin problems like acne, rosacea and eczema. For clearer skin, try a diet rich in a lot of green veggies! Broccoli contains large amounts of zinc, vitamin A and C that promotes vibrant skin. Avocados are also very beneficial in containing healthy fats necessary for your skin’s production of moisture. While you’re at it, drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day can also help noticeably clear your skin of pesky whiteheads.


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