Did you know your hair craves protein? Most people think they can achieve shiny, soft, healthier hair by just conditioning but in most cases, your hair needs a protein rich product. This is when hydrolyzed keratin comes into play. This effectively innovative ingredient can help transform dry and damaged hair to shiny and vibrant. What actually is hydrolyzed keratin? This ingredient is a protein found naturally in your hair that works to promote your overall hair health. Hydrolyzed keratin is a large protein molecule that has undergone a chemical process to allow it to easily penetrate the hair cuticle. The keratin is reduced to a smaller fragment so that it can effectively benefit your strands. This multipurpose ingredient provides several benefits to transform your dry, damaged hair.

  1. Strengthens your strands. When you topically apply hydrolyzed keratin onto your hair from a product, it works to full in minor gaps throughout your hair shaft. This includes the three layers known as the cuticle, cortex and medulla. When these gaps on the hair shaft are filled, the strands get strengthened and protected from damaging environmental stressors. These stressors include heat styling, UV exposure and chemical treatments. Excessive exposure to environmental aggressors often leads to dry, dull and frizzy strands that are more damaged than before. When your hair is protected from these everyday aggressors through a beneficial protein, it will appear more vibrant, full and shiny overall.
  1. Helps restore chemically damaged hair. Most of us get our hair dyed from time to time, and it can be rough and harmful to our strands. Hydrolyzed keratin helps to replace the lost cysteine by increasing the production that overall minimizes hair damage. This is because, when you dye or chemically manipulate your hair, the amino acid cysteine breaks down and reveals weak, brittle and damaged strands. Hydrolyzed protein is one of the best ingredients to combat this process with its protein-strengthening benefits. It helps to rebuild the protective layer and increase the hairs diameter to also reveal a fuller, thicker head of hair.
  1. Smooths and eliminates frizz. As previously mentioned, hydrolyzed keratin works to fill the hair shaft gaps and deeply penetrate your hair’s cuticle. Because of this, it works as a smoothing element to reveal shiny, soft hair by deeply nourishing otherwise damaged and compromised strands. It also helps improve hair’s elasticity and essentially combatting breakage and shedding. The hair’s protective layer is restored from within due to the distribution of protein, giving your hair a fuller appearance as well. This moisture-binding ingredient is also perfect for dry hair as it works to intensely hydrate strands for a smoother appearance.

How can you use hydrolyzed keratin for your hair?

Hydrolyzed keratin is the most beneficial when it is applied topically. With that being said, it is important to find a nourishing hair care product that incorporates this ingredient. A store-bought hydrolyzed keratin product is more effective as the ingredient is worked into the formulation for optimal benefits. Fyab’s Hair Vitality Conditioner is a perfect product to try that incorporates hydrolyzed keratin. This formula incorporates a total of 30 key active ingredients to address multiple hair factors and deeply condition to reveal soft, shiny, healthy hair. This is a thick and rich formulation that will effectively deliver hydrolyzed keratin to all areas of your hair so that you can truly restore your damaged strands.


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