heatless hair curling

The lockdown era has brought forth a lot of creativity in the beauty space with all the spare time everybody has been spending at home. The rise of Tik Tok during quarantine has brought a lot of these beauty hacks to light. Heatless styling methods have recently been going viral in the social space and I have to say, I was definitely intrigued. As I recently bleached my hair and have been experiencing more damage and dryness than I am used to, I decided to save my hair and try these heatless methods to see which work best. The following are some heatless texture, wave and curling methods I tried and how they worked on me. 

1. Sock curling. The most popular heatless curling trend going around Tik Tok right now seemed to be the sock curls. This method basically consists of long, ankle-length socks or robe ties. To simplify it, you basically section your hair depending on thickness and twirl two pieces of hair in a criss cross around the sock. Basically, it’s like braiding but the sock is the third piece in the braid. Before starting, I applied hair oil to moisturize my strands so they can have an easier time picking up the texture. I used FYAB Health’s Lavender Hair Oil because it has Jojoba Seed, Argan and Moringa Oil to deeply hydrate. I have thin hair so I only did three sections, two in the front and one in the back. Once you finish twirling the hair around the sock, secure it with a small hair elastic that won’t cause bumps then sleep in it. After trying this method, I can say it does give your hair some texture and curl but they’re definitely not very uniformed and neat looking. Would I do it again? Probably not, the curls were a little too messy for me. 

2. The bun method. I have done this method in the past and I can say it really works. Initially you have to assess the amount of hair you have to determine the number of buns to put in your hair. This trend that has been going around includes sleeping in two high space buns to curl your hair. If you like more of a voluminous wave, high buns are perfect. I personally like my waves to start a little lower so I prefer sleeping in one low bun for my thin hair. If you want it to turn out extra wavy, apply the buns when your hair is damp. The tighter the buns, the tighter the wave. I personally love this method because it tends to turn your hair into beach waves. 

3. Braids, braids, braids. The third and simplest method is braiding your hair before bed. This sounds pretty self-explanatory but I have actually learned that the type of braid you do can change the wave and style. To get the best beachy waves, two braids is the way to go. The tighter the braid, the hair crimps. I personally like my hair to crimp a little looser because it gives a natural, messy beach wave appearance. To achieve this, try to just put your hair in two loose braids, making sure to pull the strands out a bit so they only gain a little texture. If you like volume, french braids are the way to go. Starting your braids at the top of your head will give you more voluminous, full waves and certainly give your roots so texture. This is by far my favorite method because it is so easy to put my hair in a quick braid before bed and wake up with effortless waves. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, these trending, heatless styling methods do provide your hair with some texture and waves but don’t expect to get perfect curling-wand curls. Sadly, the perfect curls are only achieved with a heat styling wand but in 2021, messy and effortless is in! Don’t forget to apply a nourishing hair oil before trying these styles to help your hair take on the texture.


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