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You probably already know the harmful effects that eating a ton of processed sugar can cause to your skin. From breakouts to irritation, processed sugar can negatively impact your skin. But did you know pure sugarcane does the opposite? The sugarcane plant is the pure, unprocessed version of sugar, before it becomes your favorite chocolate or candy. Sugarcane contains 15% natural sugar while also being rich in vitamins and organic salts. This means, applying it topically to the skin could result in exfoliating effects. The following are several ways that sugarcane could help benefit your skin.

1. Works as an exfoliant. Sugarcane contains glycolic acid, which is in the alpha hydroxy acid family, known for its ability to deeply exfoliate the skin. Because AHAs have a smaller molecular size, they are able to more deeply penetrate the skin’s surface layer to really remove the dirt, oil and dead skin build up. This means it helps loosen the grasp on dry, dull skin cells and encourages cell turnover by shedding these dead skin cells and revealing new, healthier skin cells for more glowing skin.

2. Combats breakouts. The glycolic properties found in sugarcane makes it the best exfoliator and secret weapon to fighting pesky breakouts. Breakouts are caused when bacteria, dirt and oil clog your pores. Sugarcane unclogs your pores with exfoliating abilities to clarify your skin and essentially eliminate the main source of breakouts. Sugarcane also works to help balance your skin’s sebum production, less oily skin is often associated with less breakouts! 

3. Effectively hydrates. Many exfoliants often leave your skin feeling dry and irritated, this is not the case with sugarcane. Sugarcane has hydrating properties that help restore your skin’s lost moisture. The high moisture content found in sugarcane also results in long-lasting hydration, making it the perfect ingredient to incorporate in a serum. 

4. Demonstrates anti-aging properties. As previously mentioned, sugarcane contains AHA exfoliating properties which helps shed dead skin cells. The buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis can often contribute to the appearance of dull, aging skin with more fine lines and wrinkles. When this is effectively shed, young & healthy skin cells can make their way to the surface. The exfoliating effects of sugarcane can also help encourage larger collagen production. The vitamins and nutrients like antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolic compounds also contribute to deep hydration and more glowing, younger-looking skin. 

5. Lightens dark spots & discoloration. Dark spots and skin discoloration are often caused by the effects of free radical damage like UV rays and air pollution. Sugarcane can help break apart these dark spots through deep exfoliation by encouraging the production of new, lighter skin cells. The large amounts of antioxidants and flavonoids found in sugarcane also work to help protect the skin from UV rays and free radical damage to further combat the appearance of dark spots and imperfections. 

How to incorporate sugarcane in your skincare. 

The most effective way to add sugarcane to your skincare routine would be through a cleanser or serum. Due to its exfoliating properties, this ingredient would work best in step one or two of your skin care routine. When adding a product with sugarcane to your routine, try a slow introduction to see how your skin reacts to it and work your way up to using it twice a day. FYAB Health’s Foaming Facial Cleanser is a great subtle introduction to sugarcane through a cleanser to leave your base feeling clean and smooth while the Skin Vitality Renewal Serum works to gently exfoliate your skin with sugarcane and other nourishing ingredients. 


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