The season is not the only thing that’s changing this spring. As warmer weather is upon us, the hair trends have begun to make a shift towards more comfortable and wearable styles and cuts. It should come as no surprise that we are still embracing a lot of the 90s inspired hair trends but there also seems to be some new cuts and colors gaining popularity. The following are 6 hair styles, cuts and colors you will be seeing a lot more of this spring.

1. Pastel Colors

pastel hair colors

Spring is often associated with bright, pastel colors as the flowers begin to bloom and nature comes back to life. From the pastel nail trends to clothing, people have begun to take spring pastels one step further by rocking it on their hair. The pandemic has made it easier for everyone to have some fun and experiment with color as they remain out of the office, but this trend will definitely carry on long after quarantine. 

2. High Ponytails

high ponytails

High ponytails always seem to surface when the weather begins heating up. Whether braided or flowing, this effortless, chic style keeps hair away from your face for a refreshing look. Long high ponytails, often created with extensions, have become the most popular among influencers and celebrities alike. 

3. 90s Inspired Blowouts

90s blowout

As previously mentioned, 90s seems to be the trend with everything this 2021. From clothing to hair and makeup, we are all inspired by the kooky colors and styles the 90s brought. This spring, you will be seeing a lot of 90s blowouts. Straight, flat hair is out! The voluminous blowout that leaves your hair with waves and body has made a comeback and will be in throughout the summer months.

4. Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

Curtain bangs made an appearance towards the end of winter 2020 and continue to be a top hair cut throughout this spring. The longer bangs are meant to frame your face while giving you layers without committing to a full short bang. Videos on how to blowout your curtain bangs and style them clearly show this cut is still the talk of all things trendy.

5. Braids


Just like ponytails, braids always come back into style in the warmer seasons. They remain the perfect hairstyle to look put together without a large amount of effort. Whether your style inspiration is box braids, goddess braids or just a simple french braid, you can easily go about your busy day without worrying about ruining your hair. 

6. Soft Waves

wavy hair

Last year’s curly hair trends are old news, it’s all about the effortless looking waves now. Wavy hair has taken over this spring, along with the popularity of wave wands and straighteners. This style gives the perfect volume and body to straight hair types. We love this trendy style because it can also be achieved heatless, just sleep in some braids and wake up in perfect waves without any hair damage. 


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