If you don’t understand what skin purging is then you could be putting an end to the use of actually beneficial skin care products in the idea that they are “breaking you out.”
This ingredient has been popularized for its ability to fight free-radical damage and enhance the effects of vitamins A, C & E. The following are several ways ferulic acid can help your skin.
The environment that surrounds you is full of aggressors that can contribute to damaging your strands. Your lifestyle determines whether you may be more impacted by this, depending on your home town or preventative methods. The following are several ways the environment may be damaging your hair.
The number one mistake many of us make is skipping exfoliation when it comes to our skin care routine. Meet mandelic acid. Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliant that tends to be gentler on the skin but what does it do?
Compared to just hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate can penetrate your skin deeper making for a more effective result. The following includes some benefits of sodium hyaluronate that you do not want to sleep on.
Men’s hair care is often overlooked as most men spend very little time in the bathroom getting ready. Regardless of your hair length or texture, it is important to implement some sort of hair care routine to prevent future thinning, shedding and damaging of hair. The following are some easy tips for men to develop a healthy hair care routine.
Hydrating ingredients are essential when it comes to skin care and maintaining a healthy complexion. Glycerin is often overlooked but is actually hiding in a lot of your moisturizing products due to its amazing benefits. Read all of glycerin's hydrating benefits.
The cold, dry winter months are upon us and with that comes dry, flakey skin. When your moisture barrier has been compromised, irritants have an easier time entering your skin’s surface, leading to sensitive, dry, breakout-prone skin. Read all about how to strengthen your compromised moisture barrier,
Hairline acne and breakouts are more common than you think and they can prove difficult to eliminate. Hairline acne often has several causes and it is important to understand these causes to implement the proper prevention tactics.
Dark spots. We all get them whether they are caused by the sun or aging, they happen. ? Kojic acid is underrated in the skin care world but it’s noticeable brightening benefits should not be overlooked any longer.