You’ve heard about the skin benefits that vitamin C provides but did you know this wonder ingredient can also help your hair health?
It’s no surprise that a good hair day only comes if you maintain a proper and effective hair care routine. But wait, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The following are five simple tips to incorporate into your daily hair care routine to see a visible improvement in your scalp and hair health.
As 2021 is shockingly right around the corner, the new hair trends that will be accompanying the new year have already begun to surface. The low maintenance hair styles of 2020 will be spruced up and taken up a notch as we ring in the new year with new cuts and colors. The following are 15 hair color and style trends you will be seeing a lot of into the new year.
If you struggle with dry, dull, brittle hair then chances are you haven’t added a nourishing oil to your hair care routine. One recently trendy and popular ingredient that has taken the hair care world by storm is moringa oil.
Did you know your hair craves protein? Most people think they can achieve shiny, soft, healthier hair by just conditioning but in most cases, your hair needs a protein rich product. This is when hydrolyzed keratin comes into play.
Achieving full, thick facial hair can be a difficult task for many men. Many tend to give up when they notice their facial hair appearing patchy and straggly but experts say that in order to achieve your best facial hair, you must stick it out to at least the four-week mark.
You may also find that your once thick and luscious hair has begun to excessively shed and thin, losing that fullness it once possessed. The lack of volume and bounce can leave your hair feeling boring and outdated. But, don’t despair! There are several ways you can help increase the appearance of your hair’s fullness and volume.
New season means new hair trends and this winter will certainly be seeing a great deal of new trending hair styles. Summer saw a great deal of short bobs and beach waves but as winter comes along, we are seeing a resurgence of 90s hair trends.
Dry, dull hair is often a result of excessive heat, chemical or environmental stressor damage. There are several measures you can take to bring your hair back to its healthy, vibrant ways.
When it comes to maintaining curly hair, there tends to be a lot of misconceptions. Although the same strategies may not work for everyone, the following are 5 hair care tips to maintaining gorgeous, luscious curls.